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Zine Issue #6

Zine Issue #6

Welcome to the sixth issue of Free Thinkers zine. This issue like all issues touches on an overarching theme of “The creative process,” and what that might mean or look like to us all. You’ll find a some conversations, artwork, stories and photographs with legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman. We take a look at the work of graphic artist/designer Brian Roettinger, the music of Oxford Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death, Vancouver, British Columbia’s Lightning Dust, the video work of Corey Adams, the artwork of John Copeland, photographs from Portland’s Mark McInnis and a look into surfing in Canada. This issue also looks at the work of Geoffrey Holstad, Lindsey Hampton, Ryan Rhodes and the work of Land, and Mark Warren Jacques. Lastly the zine takes a look at Lifetime Collective’s new addition to the Collective Rick McCrank. We hope you enjoy!