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Zine Issue #5

Zine Issue #5

​Welcome to our fifth issue of Free Thinkers zine. This issue like all issues touches on an overarching theme of “The creative process,” and what that might mean or look like to us all. You’ll find a some conversations, artwork, stories and photographs with New York City’s legendary photographer Roberta Bailey. We take a look at some of our favourite skateboarders Salman Agah and Tommy Guerrero and find out what they’ve been up to. We talk to Los Angele’s White Fence about his music while looking into the art of putting mixes together with the fellas in Chances With Wolves back in NYC. We also talk to our long time friend and Barcelona artist by way of Vancouver Michael Swaney. Lastly we talk to legendary shred dog and all around great guy Bryan Iguchi. We hope you enjoy!