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Zine Issue #4

Zine Issue #4

​Welcome to our fourth issue of Free Thinkers zine. This issue like all issues touches on an overarching theme of “The creative process,” and what that might mean or look like to us all. You’ll find a some conversations, artwork, stories and photographs with Vancouver’s own Rick McCrank, Singer/Songwriter/Wonder boy Eamon McGrath and artwork by friend and collective artist Niall McClelland featuring Sword Studios. This issue also looks into the artwork by Tim Biskup and Dennis Chow, we talk to Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, our friend Alex Craig shows us some insight into the making of Machotaildrop and Harvey Spanos. We then go to Los Angeles and talk with The Smell’s Jim Smith and feature our collaborative collection with friends from Portland Poler Stuff. The beautiful cover was done by our good friend and collective artist Simon Redekop.