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Twice as Nice 002: Tokyo BBQ in Montreal

On August 23rd we're helping put on Tokyo Bar's second installment of the Tokyo BBQ during the Saint-Laurent street sale.

The event will feature a gourmet BBQ by Satay Brothers , freshly shucked oysters , summer cocktails, buckets of beer, Waterguns plus DJs, Compton Chic, Forrest, Jay London, Louis P (The Celestics), Peter Trill, Picksou, Prison Garde, Shaydakiss, Sagewondah, Truspin and a Special guest.

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Tuesday Tees: Be The Sun

Good friend and Lifetime Collective Member, Mark Warren Jacques, designed this Be The Sun tee as a part of our Uniform Standard collection. If you've been around the back of our shop, you'll also have seen a lifesize piece of Mark's work with the huge mural he painted for us. Take a look at this post here to see the work and hear his process.

Grab your own tee here before they're all out, or visit your favourite local Lifetime dealer.

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On The Road: Pescadero

Pescadero in the off season is a quiet place. We live in a tourist town on the other coast of Mexico, but even in the off season there, it’s not this quiet. Pescadero is a little surf down in the Baja with beautiful beaches, sunsets and an inflating real estate market. With no infrastructure other than the high season tourism, it’s hard to imagine that there is concrete value to the million dollar home we are staying in. Yeah, it looks like a million bucks. Marble everything. Private pool and hot tub, fine furnishings everywhere. But then you zoom out and across the street and the power line zaps all night long.

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