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Jay Howell art directs White Fence video, “Like That”

Vice says, "What a way to make an entrance! [...] White Fence's 'Like That' is the most uplifting song ever to be played in a gas chamber."

What does White Fence's uplifting video with death have to do with our blog? Collective member and talented artist Jay Howell (Sanjay and Craig, Bob's Burgers, other awesome things) was in charge of art direction for this little gem. Click read more below to watch the video.

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Feature: Uniform Standard Lucky Man Plaid Shirt

Soon the colours will change and we can skate freely through the streets without taking a break from the overwhelming heat. That perfect balance between being too hot and too cold. We can begin to layer on our favourite plaids and feel the comforts of fall.

The Lucky Man plaid is a for those of you who are ready for a change in seasons but aren’t about to give up days spent outdoors.

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