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​Founded in 2002 by Reid Stewart and Trevor Fleming, beneath a buzzing light bulb in a dingy basement suite, The Lifetime Collective began as a collaborative group of artists and friends. They were designing t-shirts for the skate and snow culture that raised them. A collection of wearable artwork and identity. As more people came to find and love what Lifetime was creating, Reid and Trevor were able to expand the brand and move out of that basement suite. The collections now cover head to toe, men's, women's and the latest line, Uniform Standard a call back to the skate and snow roots of Lifetime. Lifetime is now well out of the basement and working out of their own Little Mountain Workshop, producing fashionable collections for all seasons. More than a “brand of lifestyle,” Lifetime is defined by the changes that occur and the creative ways we adapt. In fact, the theme of Lifetime should be, “a work in progress,” as it is ever-changing and far from finished, a dream never fully realized.